Be Creative, Innovate!

Last week I attended the Cork Innovates InBusiness InCork event. This event created such a positive ‘buzz’ among all entrepreneurs in Cork. It was great to hear so many inspiring stories on how to successfully compete in the current business environment or even start up a new enterprise in today’s marketplace.

Key speakers on the day shared with us their key business tips for success and their own stories. A lot of the key speakers reiterated the fact that Ireland is one of the best places to start a business. Gavin Duffy of RTE’s Dragon’s Den fame spoke about how there is no better time to set up in business. He believes we are living on a rock on the edge of Europe where with having the mettle, business idea and right price point businesses can succeed. Entrepreneurs are embracing change and along with the supports available are creating real innovation.

Starting a business can be a daunting task for anyone but learning from your mistakes and coping well with failure can be the foundation for success. Margaret Smith of ‘UmNumNum’ spoke of how no man is an island! There is always a team of people around willing to help so use them, network and build relationships and always say yes! By saying ‘yes’ you try new things; which in turn creates more opportunities and builds your confidence.

No matter what you do having the right attitude is vital in order to succeed. Not alone is it important to focus on your goals and objectives but you must take control over achieving those goal and objectives. Frankie Sheahan of Front Row highlighted that if we all concentrate on our own goals and objectives, the collective goals will in turn be met. He also shared with us the following clip which for me sums up how creativeness, passion, motivation, focus and control can help you achieve your goals and succeed.

So when you set goals for you and your business, be SMART in relation to your goals and objectives.

  • Are your goals Specific to the development of your business?
  • Can you Measure progress on an ongoing basis?
  • Are they Attainable?
  • Are they Realistic?
  • In what Time frame do you wish to achieve these goals?

Ciara Fitzgerald – WMJ Kelleher & Asscoiates

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