What is the underlying magic with what you do?

Last week I, along with thousands of other people, from all across the country descended upon New Ross, Co. Wexford for the National Ploughing Championships 2012. One of Europe’s largest outdoor exhibitions and agricultural trade shows. With our ever changeable Irish weather I went prepared, with what turned out to be a very important but fashionable item, wellies! Weather aside it is a great day out for young and old, everyone finds something that is of interest to them!

What struck me as I walked around the tented village was the vast array of exhibitions from education to business, food, health, lifestyle, sports & leisure, home & garden, fashion, tourism and machinery. Most importantly there was such a positive atmosphere among all the businesses exhibiting. They were using this trade show to promote and leverage their own knowledge to the passing audience.

There are so many benefits to showcasing at an event like this. All businesses have an opportunity to meet and network with other companies, suppliers, distributors and potential customers, for some it is the perfect opportunity to launch new products and most importantly each business can interact with customers on a one to one basis. However as I made my way around the stands I started to question are these businesses really making the most of this opportunity?

It doesn’t matter what sector your business falls into everyone must find that ‘hook’ to get their message across to their target customers. How different are you to your competitors? How can you be different in order to succeed? Following the norm is ok but taking that risk and doing something unique and creative stands out. Managing your business’ reputation is so important. What your company does, what your company says and what others say about your company. By providing excellent customer service and dealing with each customer’s enquiry personally at these events can have a positive effect on your business. By being helpful, polite, efficient and presenting your business as the best at what you do will create a lasting impression.

Word of mouth is such a powerful aspect to selling your business. So look after your business and make the most of each opportunity.

What is the underlying magic with what you do? 

 Ciara Fitzgerald – WMJ Kelleher & Asscoiates

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